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I would like to introduce you to the North Carolina Fashion Industry Digest, where no one does anything for free. As founder an organizer I personally pay everyone for the work they provide in any event or project. If there is a photographer taking pictures of models, then both the photographer and all the models are paid. Everything takes place under professional booking & contract with 50% paid up front prior to event date. I will only book registered members who are eligible for booking and the registration fee is an annual $5. So if you are interested in supporting an organization that constantly has paid work, here we are! As a member you can receive a check just for being eligible for booking. This would not be possible if I did not allow registered talent to be able to register other aspiring members. You will learn more about this once you are registered. Anyone from all over the world can join. All events will take place in North Carolina. Total travel expense are paid for up to three guest, food and 24 transportation will be available. The sooner you are eligible for booking, the sooner you can get paid for doing many of the things that you love to do within the fashion industry.
Get booked (50% pay upfront), fly you in & more! Never work for free again! Plus a modern day retainer! North Carolina has an organization where registrants who are eligible for booking can earn money without getting booked. Consider it a new way to retain talent in these cold economic times. This is absolutely everything you could have every asked for.

WANTED: MUAs, Photographers, Stylist, Designers, Wardrobe Specialist, Set Designers, Fashion Accessory Representatives, etc.



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