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To: All managers and Agencies.
Casting: Male & Female models, MUAs, Stylist, wardrobe specialist or designers, coordinators and Choreographers.
Event: Nationally promoted Tour of entertainment fashion show.
Objective: To provide exposure using multi-media on a national standard.
Registration: $2,800
Details for models: The multi media package starts with a magazine (100,000 copies) featuring all the models. This magazine will promote the online reality TV show of the tours and special segments on the personalities of the models in a mansion and night club that will be provided for them. Solo entertainment fashion videos will be provided for each model. Professional training and promotional work will be available throughout the year.
Event: Super entertainment fashion show with surprise acts, demonstrations and artists to perform. Show of the craziest costumes, designs and hair styles. Entertain some of the hottest known runway walks & skills and show off some new ones.
Also show off some of the most style & sexy male and female choreographed dance shows there could ever be.    .:read more:.

Females....Plus size (6ft and up) and petite (5ft. and up). Male.......Plus size (must be athletic or body guard type 6'2ft. and up), all others must be muscle bound - no exceptions. No height requirements for muscle bound models.
$$$ Opportunities: Prior to every show, venues will be booked in the city where people can not only come out and meet the models but purchase tickets to the show. All money earned from selling tickets belong to the models 100%. The models can sell tickets at whatever price they want as long as it is not more than half of the admission fee. Basic admission for the shows will start at $40.00. If the celebrity guest list is high then basic admission rises to $100.00.
VIP will start at $600. Therefore models can sell tickets at a maximum of $20 to $50 for basic admission and tickets for VIP at $300 (covers 2 people)
Paid Positions:
MUA: $125 per person. (will be assigned 5 people) Stylist: $125 per person. (will be assigned 5 people)
Wardrobe/Designer: $125 per person. (will be assigned 5 people)  Coordinators: $200 plus the door for venues that you acquire  Choreographers: $800 plus $125 goes to the dancers that you prepare. Theme Coordinator: $25 per person. Photographers or Videographers set up to take pictures or video. Looking for unique themes.

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