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1) This is a booking list. (More like a resource list for KaBoom Promotions)
2) KaBoom Promotions will select people from this list to:

a) Feature in national magazines.

b) Book for events.

c) Purchase products.

d) Partner with on promotions, events, etc.

e) Hire


3) Eligibility for booking depends on two things.

1st)  Must have details of talent, links, photos, basic profile information. Keep us updated.

2nd) Paying your roster fees.

3rd) you do not have to register anyone or refer anyone in order to be eligible for booking.



Referral Method (optional) [Tell 4 others] of the four people that you tell, you will be responsible for registering two of them.
To register them you will send KaBoom Promotions an email with their name & stage name, phone and email address, plainly stating that you are registering these people. That's it, they are registered. KaBoom Promotions will send them an email stating:

1st) that you have registered them

2nd) what their account number is

3rd) that you are their roster agent with KPPA functions only.

4th) that roster fees must be paid KaBoom Promotions

5th)  they can receive commissions as a roster agent.


As for the other two of the four, you only need to confirm that they're interested in getting on the roster and send them to the person that registered you in order for them to be registered. Simply send an email to the person who registered you (your roster agent) stating:

1st) name, phone, email of the two people

2nd) let your roster agent know that these people are interested in getting on the roster.

3rd) your roster agent will then register them. (Highlighted above)


Paying your roster fees. - If roster fees are not paid, you will not be eligible for booking.


4) Roster fees - Prior to booking KaBoom Promotions will send out an email to everyone with an EVENT NOTICE. There will be no details, just a message letting the list know that an even notice is up. A fee for being on the list will be introduced at that time (for example $25) and a deadline will be set for all fees to be in. After the deadline, booking begins followed by commissions.


KaBoom Promotions will not start charging talent to be on the
roster until it has at least 32,000 talented individuals listed.  


When do you get paid for those you've registered within two weeks after booking has been completed. First booking fees will be paid, and then bonus pay goes to those who were responsible for registering the talent that we booked. Then commission checks go out to those who registered others or who were responsible for others getting on the roster. The only way you can receive a commission check is by the people that you have registered paying their roster fees.


Termination from list/roster - If your roster agent does not vouch for you in regards to missing your roster fees, you will be taken off the list. KaBoom promotions will send out an email notifying the list of lost agents. They will be considered 'inactive agents.' Inactive agents and their replacements will be sent to the KPPA list by email and listed on the website.


5) KPPA Roster - Many different people, businesses or talented individuals can be on the list, including authors, artists, career seekers, dancers, DJ's, song writers, models, fashion designers, hair stylist, makeup artists, comedians, speakers, publishers, photographers, film producers, actors, actresses, web masters, promoters or entrepreneurs (and much more).


6) Booking - There will be no question whether you are booked for an event or not because KaBoom Promotions will pay 50% up front, KaBoom Promotions will cover travel expenses and reimburse additional expenses such as food and transportation.


7) Receiving Bonus Pay - You are automatically placed in a paying position to represent talent sent to you for registration in the KaBoom Promotions Performer's Affiliation. Besides getting paid for registering them, once they have been booked by KaBoom Promotions, you will also receive a bonus check.

The amount of the bonus check will be determined by how many people are booked and the amount that KaBoom Promotions has put aside as a bonus pool. If there is an amount of $5,000 in the bonus pool and 100 people are booked for an event, then the $5,000 will be divided amongst the people who registered those people as bonus pay.

Inactive Roster Agents
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