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Model Management Service

Model Management ($2,000 retainer)
This service specializes in managing its models via group events and activities as well as national exposure. Best at serving celebrities, published models, television featured models or any other well known models.
Services & privileges provided:
Bookings - one hour club visits & company fashion shows. Pre-promoted so that you can sell discounted admission tickets prior to these bookings. Can earn up to $1,000 in one day.
National Promotions - magazine (100,000 copies, 200 pages) covering all major marketing areas in the country featuring you and a website for fans to keep up with you according to the bookings we receive.
Online TV Show - Never miss a beat, never die down and no one will ever say that you're not doing anything right now.
Photography - Stay current and up-to-date with images and all your looks. MUA and stylist provided all year round.
Similar services available for: NC Car/bike/truck clubs, NC artist, NC independent businesses, Models residing in each state (national promotions based on the models found in state)

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