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Music Review & Placement Service

Music Review & Placement for Promotional Purposes.


12 month service (one track per quarter)
Only $200 for a year
* Get your music in independent films and sound tracks.
* No compensation, no guarantee.
We personally contact film directors and their music directors. They send us a contract and we send it to you. We submit your track along with the contract and they let us know if you made it in the film or on the soundtrack. However, these directors may also review selections on  our site for a project fit.
You will receive the following services or benefits:
a) Website TV show will promote 1 minute of your track via video.
b) Professional photography included (we do not travel)
c) Annual Music Review & Placement Awards (trophies, performances, Film directors)
      Free to the public.

To get started contact me ASAP!

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We got track 16
in from
KTS Entertainment,
Anderson, South Carolina

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Film by: June Daguiso


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