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Sales Associate

Sales Associate (Retainer Specialist)
For clients:
Ok, so you've invested in a lot of equipment and a facility to provide services that could fit into a luxury category. Now business is slowing and everything is at risk.
I'll place a link on my site for you, recommending your services. However, those who can not afford your services, you send them to your retainer specialist (me). They will be provided with a price and a date in which they have to use your services. I will always retain business for you for the following year. I can book you for a day of work per month or Thursdays & Fridays in a 52 weeks of the year. I will provide you with a list of the clients and dates, along with the payment for retainer matching every schedule on the list. call me for more details.

Time Share Your Services

*5 page website
*2 story homes
*14 passenger Limousines
*2 track mastering
*4 or 8 hour studio session
If there is a service that you could use, as a retainer specialist I can get you that service at 50% to 75% off.
A) category - 50% (12 booking minimum)
B) category - 75% (52 booking minimum)
Simply contact me and let me know of a service that you are needing. I will find a high quality service provider for what you need and recommend his/her services under two different prices. There will be a category (A) and (B). When the bookings are complete, payment is due and you must use the services on the date provided. All booking dates will be set for the following year.
You may apply for both categories at the same time, but once half of the bookings are received you must select one category to remain in.
Some service providers may have only one category.
Contact me if you have any questions.

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