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Skyline Promotion Service

This service involves the use of business cards that you can sell as tickets or give them away for free for an admittance to an event with discounted admission fees. This service is a great fit for groups or organizations because it was designed to generate cash awards for competitions, door prizes, and other eventful purposes. Once you've determined the amount of active members, cash give away and the deadline, then your skyline promotion service is set. Your active members will purchase a determined amount of cards at $0.25 per card on certain dates. They then sell or distribute the cards according to plan agreement.
There are no upfront service fees. All we need to do is confirm planning agreements. All the fees used to purchase your cards are returned via promotional services except for the expenses in preparation for these services such as planning, graphic design, print, cash awards, eblast, Djs, fashion models, cars or other prizes.
This is a excellent service for annual events.
(cancellation after print requires that you pay the cost of print and design fees)

Sell Your Business Cards or Give them Away At Your Event.

Great for Groups or Organizations to Generate Cash.

No Upfront fees.

Excellent Service for Annual Events.

DOUBLE PLATINUM SKY package: Starts with 20,000 business cards. Comes with $2,500.00 cash awards
PLATINUM SKY package: Starts with 10,000 business cards. Comes with $1,000.00 cash award.
GOLD SKY package: Starts with 5,000 business cards. Comes with $500.00 cash award
SILVER SKY package: Starts with 2,000 business cards. Comes with $250 cash award.
Service Fees:      


Double Platinum Sky $300    Platinum Sky $150 Gold Sky $100 Silver Sky $90
Designs: $100 on all designs
Planning: $35 and hour
Fashion models: $100 per day
Street team (A): $500 includes tricked out vehicle with flip doors, driver and four fashion models.
Street team (B): $11,000 -PAID UPFRONT- includes 200 models (security officers for the models) and car club drivers

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